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I he Disc onncclcd I'layci: An Introduction
Mark is in his mid twenties unci he has hud one long-term
relationship, which crashed and burned after a year and half. He
finishes work and goes home and wonders when he is going to start
dating again. How in the world is he going to meet a girl? With a time
consuming job and no friends, he gets frustrated. His last relationship
lasted four years and left him disappointed and lonely; He had a bad
break up and he didn't even like her to begin with. He sees girls he
likes on the tube, on the street, at dubs when he goes on company
dinners - but he doesn't have the courage to walk up to them. He
doesn't even know how to start.
John is in his mid-thirties and has had enough of girls. He has
grown both frustrated and disappointed with his love life. He has had
four long-term relationships in his life and he married the last girl out of
desperation. He thought he had to get married because it was time. Of
course, like most decisions made out of desperation, his marriage was
a bad one and ended in divorce. John has found himself back at SQuare
one. Not only does he have no friends (his friends were her friends),
but he has found himself unable to meet new people - let alone girls
he likes. He sees girls he likes on the tube, on the street, at the dubs
and when he goes on company dinners but he doesn 't have the courage
to walk up to them. He doesn't even know how to start.
Kevin, 18, a virgin (fondling a girl doesn't count) has just started
college. Shying away from social interaction, he reads a lot. He thinks he
is not coo/ enough to hang with the popular kids at the college parties.
He sees cool guys getting laid with all the hotties and he wonders how
they do it. He wants to know. He goes on the web and discovers "How
To Pick Up Cirls"discussion forums. He reads for months and learns
all the theory there is to know, but still cannot approach a single girl.
He is a gun loaded with techniques, tactics and Pick Up jargon - but
cannot fire a single shot. He sees girls he likes on the tube, on the
street and at the college bar, but he doesn't have the courage to walk
up to them. He doesn't even know how to start.
Steve is 22 and very shy. Never had a serious date in his life. He
blames it on his looks and the fact he doesn't have any social skills. He
spends half the day surfing the internet and the other half studying or
playing computer games. He has almost zero friends. Girls don't notice
him because he shrinks from public places. When he talks to a girl he
cannot find the right thing to say and ends up talking about logical stuff
that makes her yawn. He would like to meet a girl and have sex with
her - he is horny. He masturbates to porn. He sees girls he likes on
the tube, on the street and at the college bar, but he doesn't have the
courage to walk up to them. He doesn't even know how to start.
Those guys above are my demographics in a nutshell. I help men
who struggle. Some of them have spent so much time at the bottom
of the dating barrel that they don't want to leave it. Misery gets to be
comfy. Mostly, I have to yank them out of it. Some of them have come
to think they cannot get girls no matter what they do. They think it's a
curse. Since 2005, I have dedicated my life to changing their minds. I
teach guys how to get girls.
At first I liked it, then hated it, and later on I came full circle and
started enjoying it. I started believing in my work. Like my girlfriend
says: "You are making the world a better place. You are bringing
happiness to those people."
Corny? You bet.
But I had not looked at it this way until she pointed that out. I saw
myself more like a mechanic fixing a broken car. I never stopped to see
the cars racing at 200-miles-an-hour as a result of my work.
Weekend in weekend out I teach live "in-Field" programs that
transfer the ability to approach and attract women. My work starts
on Friday at 7pm and it is not over until Sunday evening. Fieldwork is
done in clubs, bars, streets, shopping malls, etc. After my programs,
guys not only change in terms of getting more girls, but also transform
their lives in the process. Changes in this area have a domino effect
into others like business, financial, mental health, physical health and
family relations.
I don't have all the answers. I have never claimed I had them. I
am not a self-proclaimed guru, nor do I endorse such behaviour. I am
simply a coach. I plan to teachyou the gist of my experience - the very
4 Ihc l}
hysictil (iiimc
hings I It .K h on my pmgiain I decided this knowledge could help
eople il I pul il in simple woids and avoided all the jargon I have seen
n the internet and various Pick Up "subcultures".
I thought I could create a guide for the layman because I think
nybody can learn these things if they are simply put. Over the years,
nd after teaching hundreds of guys around the world, I have developed
ools and concepts, which will facilitate the process of Pick Up for
egular guys. This book contains the best advice I can give.
ou Are A Chump With Women... So What Else Is New?
I am not going to tell you the story of how I went from chump to
hamp - how I sucked at the beginning and how today I bed women
hree ways with ease. I just think that kind of story has been rehashed
o much it is not worth the effort. But I can tellyou it can be done and
 doesn't take much. In fact, I do it every weekend: I turn guys into
pproaching-machines capable of doing anything and everything.
Rather than indulging in a bunch of "kiss and tell" stories, I will tell
ou howyou can use the different techniques and tactics I coach on my
rograms. Tactics that have already made many others successful.
tarting From Scratch: The Personal Transformation
I don't want to give you the impression this is only for a few guys
with special talents or skills. A guy like me - or anybody with success
n this game - goes out and repeats certain things, which at the end
f the day or night make him successful. Unlike amateurs, successful
pros have a certain routine, a certain way of doing things they recycle
nd pay attention to.
Same when you learn Pick Up. You are going to have to learn a
number of things and redo them every night. Just like on a fishing
xpedition, you go out every night, throw the line and the hook
verboard and come home with some fish. In the reiteration of your
shing routineyou become a fisherman. Just like fishermen, you must
uplicate whatyou learn here and you will bring home fish.
Most guys ask themselves how hard they must work before they
an Pick Up girls for real. Inexperienced as they come, the average
5 guy enrols in my program having never approached a single girl before.
They have no idea what they are getting into. As it turns out, they all
go through a process of positive transformations on a single weekend
that take them from being insecure dudes to cool, confident males
around the opposite sex.
Today a whole new dawn of techniques, sophisticated drills and
self-actualization exercises will not only speed upyour learning process,
but also get you laid while practicing. No more long string of rejections
before you get laid. No more tiresome practice of routines and openers.
Training wheels are off from day one with these new techniques and
drills for teaching Pick Up. We have stripped down unnecessary things,
streamlined our teaching techniques, and dropped all unnecessary
garbage to get you from A to B faster.
Taking Action! The Simple Truth
Contrary to popular opinion you don't have to learn 1000
different things. Action is your word. Doing something, approaching
a girl by saying something dumb even, will get you started on this
Pick Up can be defined as the simple act of walking up to a girl
and starting a conversation. At times it doesn't require more than five
minutes before she starts showing interest. In fact, girls show interest
in most guys after they start approaching hardcore.
Plenty of times, a guy just walks up to a group of people and
they have a girl interested in no time. To get women (unlike defusing
a nuclear bomb), you just need to employ the right actions; not vast
amounts of sophisticated manoeuvring.
Then again, our logical brain kicks in and starts telling us: "Wake
up, too good to be true"; that you have never been good with women
and you can't do it.
But if you study hard enough, read enough books and internet
materials, and watch Pick Up DVDs for advice, you might be able to
get it right some day.
If you are thinking in that negative way, you are a victim of the
rampant complication syndrome, which afflicts most guys in this game.
Most people think that in order to get good, they must learn lots of
6 /he Physical (Ktmc
Pick up lines, picp.ut lunny and inteiesting things to say, and memorize
loads ol tactic s llowevei, the iivsults speak for themselves - guys with
the most information finish last.
From Disconnection to Being Emotionally In Tune with Females
I will take you on a journey from not being able to talk to a female
to being able to just walk up and start a conversation by talking about
anything. By digging into your essential self, we can find topics that
we will then use as conversation starters. I will teach you not to try
to impress a girl when you first meet, but rather, to express who you
are to her.
In the second phase of the book, I will teach you how to get
physical - fast. Even within a minute of meeting a girl. I will aid my
explanations with real life examples and pictures. Not only that, I will
also recommend step-by-step drills I have designed over theyears. By
getting physical, your interactions will be sexually charged as opposed
to dull and just talkative. After a while, thanks to all this interaction
with the opposite sex, you will feel a sense of general confidence grow
on you. You won't be a stranger to the opposite sex: you will become
an attractive man. Other topics will be covered also that are vital to
your success with women.
Your Agenda vs. Other People's Agenda
Ifyou don't have a set of default responses whenyou talk to women
in specific scenarios, you will fall victim to those very scenarios. You
will be under the thumb of circumstances and circumstances will dictate
how you feel and how you respond or live your life.
Many guys have no default reaction to a girl's blowing them off or
being rude to them. They become reactive and a victim of circumstances.
But you have a choice. In reality you can create your very own default
behaviour to a situation like that— from laughing your ass off, to
saying thank you to her for being a great sport. You can create those
choices. You can have your agenda and enforce it. You can influence
the situation rather than let the situation influence you. O /r
Ifyou have your own agenda a set ol default answers to situations,
you can influence circumstances out there. I have often sent a student
back into a group of girls who had previously blown him off and, to
his surprise, the girls have accepted him back and showered him with
unprecedented attention. Rather than being a victim of their agendas,
we made a choice and influenced the circumstances by going back to
I Can Choose My Response
You can sit down and plan how you are going to respond to
everyday situations in a club. You can have an action plan for everything
that happens to you, andyou will be ready to influence your situation
and not let your situation influence you.
Most guys march into a night club to approach women expecting
that things will work out. They have no real plan or proactive-ness
on their side. A pretty hopeless approach when you face the chaotic
scenario of a club.
In this book I plan on making you proactive when you have to talk
to girls in various circumstances and places. I want you to be ready
and have a whole arsenal of default behaviours for every occasion. As
a result of this behavioural toolbox, you will feel confident and safe as
you make your approach to a girl.
What Is Physical Domination?
When I throw this word physical domination into my seminars, it
tends to cause a bit of a concern. No, I don't plan to beat women up
with these techniques. However 1 do plan to teachyou how to lead them
physically. Like I have said before, women will not take responsibility
for the escalation, so we must take charge.
Like I always say, you want to be nice to women but you want to
be firm — an apparent contradiction. I don't want you to go around
manhandling women like a wrestler but I do wantyou to be firm when
you lead. It meansyou must anticipate resistance on their side and be
ready to plough through it. You will encounter plenty of obstacles in
becoming dominant with women. But experience has taught me when
8 Ihc Physinu (utmc
you break thch irshl.incr, women become muc h more attracted lo
How to Manage Your Energy And So Much More...
This book will deal in depth with preservingyour energy when you
arc in a night club and make it last all night. I will deal with how you
can avoid the common energy draining pitfalls of approaching. It's key
to becoming a top player at this game.
I also plan to walk you through all the steps from meeting a girl
to taking her home that same night. I will devote an entire chapter to
what's called "pulling". I will make it easy and break it down for you
so you can execute it any time you are out there. Not only that, I will
teach you how to have fun as you are doing it.
So let's wrap this up and get on with the chapter of the book that
will get you acquainted with Physical Game and what it takes to pull
it off... CHAPTER 1
Why You Must Get Physical Now And Not Wait
Discover Physical Game (PG)
And How It Can Get Your Game Up To the Next Level
As a coach, it used to be a challenge to explain Physical Game. No
amount of live-in-field demos could help students do what I wanted
them to do. So, out of frustration, I resorted to visuals like stop-motion
videos and frame-by-frame picture exposes.
Then, I saw a huge jump in results. Equipped with a visual image,
clients had a frame of reference to build their practice on. With an
ever-increasing number of make outs and same night lays on program,
I decided to dig deeper into this modality of the game.
I started to work on the "outside" Physical Game and I challenged
my students to produce what I call "the look": meaning, what your
actions would look like to a bystander. It must look "on." It must look
like you andyour girl are a unit, a couple, hooked up, together. I want
your girl to think: "Gee, I don't know, but it looks like I am all over
him." But in reality you are all over her.
Women can feel a rush when you apply Physical Game and lay it
down hard — the way I plan on teaching you in this book. Simpler
than you think, PG should be applied within seconds of starting your
interaction. A typical comment I get from guys is: "I never thought it
was that simple."
As it turns out in practice, women love physical contact as delivered
by a masculine guy. They reward this behaviour with lots of attraction
and giggling. Contrary to popular opinion, women love to be touched.
Not by any man, but by a confident, bold guy not afraid to take risks
and go for it. Why People Believe Sweet Talkers Are Good With Women.
Destroy the Myth Now!
Indoctrinated by Casanova and Don juan's legendary exploits,
the general population have come to believe good talkers make good
Most guys can talk the talk, but can't get laid.
Being physical goes far beyond the reach of words and tales. It
makes a statement about you — who you are as a man. It knocks
women out. After teaching men to get good with women for five years,
I realized an obvious but painful fact: the guys who talked well, were
well educated, and had lots of verbal resources, were the ones with
the most problems leading a girl to bed.
Unless I stepped in and ordered them to be physical they would
not get a make out. In fact, those guys were the ones with whom I had
more problems.
On the other hand, guys who couldn't talk that well but got physical
fast and couldn't care less if a girl liked them or not, were getting all
the women.
We all know many popular beliefs are not based on truth, but on
stereotypical ideas never Questioned in depth. Don )uan and Casanova's
sweet talking are just one of those cultural archetypes never been put
to a test of serious inquiry.
Just turn on your TV and you will see plenty of this popular belief
being recreated on soap operas and movies: a guy with good looks and
precise line for every occasion (think of )ames bond) gets the beautiful
girl every time.
Stop for a minute and think how TV writers create those soaps by
rehashing an age-old stereotypical idea: the sweet talking Casanova
gets the girl.
TV programs and movies have no time to test anything; they are
under pressure to be an overnight success and get the approval of a
TV-jaded audience. Therefore, these easy-to- accept ideas find their
way into your TV screen and the mental fabric of the population over
and over again. They become legitimate over time due to repetition.
1 2 I he I'hysicill (nunc
"I low (,111 Physic .il (i.unr h e moie ellec tlvc?" you may wonder.
Well, it's easy lo explain Aftei carclul observation, weekend-in,
weekend-out on my live programs, I know getting physical changes
a girl's body chemistry. Certain chemicals kick in when you touch
somebody with confident and pleasant determination. If you don't
believe this, think of a time when a girl's breast brushed past your
chest and you got aroused. Her random touch activated a whole
bunch of chemicals in your body, "mating" chemicals ifyou will. I am
no chemistry teacher but I can tell you from observation that when a
dominant guy grabs a girl, you see her face light up, she starts giggling
and she becomes compliant in record time.
Such amazing, too-good-to-be-true things don't happen, you might
argue in disbelief. However, I've seen women opening up like flowers. I
don't want to get deep into any chemistry lessons here because I want
to stick to what works, and not on lengthy scholarly explanations.
In the empiricism of a live-in-field program lies the proof in the
pudding. Guys who fail to get physical don't get laid. Yes, they can
maintain long conversations with women — even get a phone number
— but they miss the boat at converting all that into sex.
Physical Game proves over and over to be the fast track to sex.
Verbal game is your slow, "lucky ifyou get there" lane.
Your Road to Get There. How to Destroy Those Limiting Beliefs.
How To Stop Thinking Like Average Guys
You might ask: "How do I become the dominant and physical guy
you talk about? I know I have seen many successful guys with women.
But I am not one.
Very true.
But - a big but - ifyou are thinking this way, you are like most
guys who think of Pick Up as a complicated operation; only few chosen
ones can do it because it requires a special kind of person or two to
five years of hardcore training.
Wrong. O.-.tr
Why Does This Happen?
Destroy Your Mental Chaos By Following Simple Rules
Dubious internet marketing on "How to meet women" creeps the
net. Lots of contradicting theories and Pick Up systems cloud novices'
minds to the point of overload. They get confused.
Walking up to women with such mental chaos makes you exude
failure. Most guys don't succeed: not because they are bad at it, but
because of their confusion in the field. If you are incongruent and
incapable of maintaining a normal conversation, a woman will see you
are not sure about what you are doing, and so lose interest and walk
Correct your mental chaos by walking into the club with only a
couple of ideas in your head. You will cut through the bullshit of tons
of Pick Up knowledge gathered over time on the web. We are talking
about rolling in a crowded venue with a double barrel of simple ideas
as opposed to a barrage of dubious contradicting info.
Keep it simple and you will be rewarded with trust from women,
attraction and sex. Complicate it and you are asking for trouble. I am
saving you months and years of disappointment in this area of your
Plenty of times I've met guys who have been going out for years
and never gotten past first base with girls. They believed Pick Up was
about gathering information: the more the better. But less unnecessary
action proves more efficient than running around like a chicken without
a head.
So The Question Remains: Can I Do It? Is It For Me?
Whether you have been approaching women for a year or you are
just starting off, this information can help you grow faster.
It will make guys who can already start conversations far more
deadly in their interactions with females.
It will set guys who are just starting off on the right track and it will
shave years off their learning curve. It will ensure bad habits like stalling
conversations, not moving things forward and passivity will not set in
and slow you down. In other words Physical Game is for everybody
14 I he rhy\h,il (it/fur
;11 1 cI il Is .1 (iiici.il |km I ol gelling I.iid wllh consistency. Anybody can
perform PG il so liu lined. In so doing, you accomplish a crucial part
ol the eettinr laid process,
Rut il I am going lo be straight with you, and get your trust from
the get-go, I am going to have to disclose the secret of the dating
PSSSST...Don't tell. I will be out of my job!
Here It Is. The Secret They Don't Want You To Know!
Most people believe they must be masters before they can enjoy
any type of results. That they will have to put in years of hard practice
in clubs and approach thousands of women.
Completely untrue!
You can get laid today without experience ifyou dare to apply what
I am explaining here. There have been guys laid on my program on the
first night with zero experience.
Ok, I let the cat out of the sack. Which brings us to your next most
common Question about physical game.
Will Women Take It?
Will women allow a guy to walk up to them and start getting
physical without retorting with some form of resistance?
Fear of rebuttal can deter many guys when they start walking down
the physical path. They dread women's reactions or looking bad in
front of others. What if I told you women will take it and like it. Hard
to believe?
Based on my years of experience taking guys into clubs on live
programs, and my personal experience over five years, I can guarantee
nothing ever happens. I mean, your old slap across the face, kick in
the groin routine. Empirical evidence, live in the field, shows worst
case scenarios don't happen. In fact, women are waiting on you to
make a physical move on them. Yes, that's right. They are waiting for a
confident dude to step in and take them for a physical ride.
1 5 (h.'Mr
lii years of practice of \}
G, aside from grabbing a guy's hand
and putting it off their body, women don't reject a physical guy.
Exceptions confirm the rule. Therefore rejection must be an irrational
fear embedded in our brain. I have seen students do the craziest
physical stuff to women in clubs and I personally have performed jaw-
dropping stunts without a single sign of rejection. In all fairness, it
seems as if they like it and want seconds.
Why You Are Not Your Story.
How To Stop Letting Your Past Determine Your Present
Most guys come from an unsuccessful background with women
- one long string of failures or rejections. Your average male finds
himself in a Catch-22 of sorts, where the more he tries, the more he
doesn't get laid. It's as if there's a tightening noose around his neck
and the more he struggles to get out the harder it chokes. In the end,
he gives up and stops trying. He starts to rely on luck and alcohol - If
he tries at all.
In reality, most males don't get laid. I think the statistic is that an
average man has four to seven sex partners in all his life. Some, none.
They die virgins. Amazing isn't it? Scary facts crawl out when we dig
deep in this area.
I mean! Four to seven sex partners in a lifetime?! Some of the guys
I have taught go through two or three women on a weekend. Some lay
them in threesome fashion. Crazy, right?
Well there are guys out there living a kind of rock-star sex life as
you read this sentence. Those guys have something in common with
you: an unsuccessful past with women - they were as desperate as
your average dude.
Nothing can be done to change your past, butyou can transcend it.
Instead of enslavingyourself toyour sad life story,you can go out, take
action and become one of those guys that come to my programs. Most
people feel drawn to their past - so much so it becomes their comfort
zone - their present. Doing something different feels like death. They
have grown accustomed to getting nothing in this area of their life. Your
past, your story, your repeated failures with females have a strong pull.
I know as I say this it sounds incredible - butyou can change.
16 I he Physical (lame
You think th.il, as . 1 M r,ul.n r.uy, you won't be able It) make things
(Ullerent, hut yon air wrong I he guys I teach arc as regular as it
gets. Accountants, students, waiters, businessmen, actors, soldiers,
handicapped guys, ugly guys, unemployed guys; all kinds from all
walks of life have tried this and been successful at it. So, yes, you
can have a different story. Decisions you make today will make all the
Your Road To Mastery:
How Long Before You Get These Skills Down?
Most guys ask themselves how hard they must work before they
can Pick Up girls for real. Back in the day, we used to tell newcomers
that the first 2000 approaches don't count. However, our knowledge
was very limited five years ago. Today, with the tools and information
we possess, the actual learning time is irrelevant. A newbie will get laid
all the way to mastering these skills.
Four years ago, we used to teach a different type of game, full of
memorization and performance related skills. We used to train guys to
be performers, circus monkeys. Yes, it was the dark ages of Pick Up!
Must I Be Perfect To Get Laid?
Not really. You don't have to be a super performer to get girls.
I have learned through years of personal practice and teaching that
you don't need to be Mr Pick Up to start a conversation with a girl.
Beginners get laid as well as seasoned veterans. Ifyou are a beginner
you will lay your way into the mastery of your skills. Most guys don't
realize this and are afraid to start the long journey of practice without
the assurance of tangible rewards. In the end, it prevents them from
taking action.
You must not seek perfection. I teach my students to do it poorly,
but get it done. Don't expect a flawless performance and you won't
be disappointed. You will have freedom to make mistakes, learn your
lessons andyour learning curve will speed up. Dare to be imperfect and
you will learn this game. It takes a guy without an ego and a willingness
to take action. Live by the mantra: "good enough is good enough."
17 o-it-
Do You Want To Know The Simple Truth Of I he Game?
Here it goes. You ready?
During a night out, there will be some girls who will like you NO
MATTER WHAT, and others who won't, NO MATTER WHAT I don't
care ifyou are a seasoned veteran with thousands of approaches under
your belt, or a total newbie trying to get your first lay. On any given
night some girls will acceptyou no matter how badyou screw up; and,
onyour same night, there will be a number of girls who won't care for
you, no matter how good or socially savvy you are. Fact.
Like Oliver Stone's movie "On Any Given Sunday," on any given
night you can succeed or fail. There are nights where you encounter
resistance from every other group. But on others, everything flows.
No way around this. Some of my students float to success on the first
night of the program, only to find themselves swimming for their lives
on the second night - and vice versa. In truth, you cannot predict your
outcome let alone become "perfect" on a game based on talking to
What happens when guys don't get the desired positive or approving
I tell you what happens: your average )oe walks away with his tail
between his legs never to be heard from, or approach another woman
again for the rest of the night. At the first sign of trouble, those guys
stop trying - which limits their success to none. Because, as you will
learn later, a girl's token or knee-jerk resistance comes as a given. If we
are to succeed, you must be trained to stop paying attention to signs
of approval or lack of it.
The Elusive Obvious
The more you do it, the better you get at it. Simple enough. No
need to go to Pick Up University for fouryears. just by taking consistent
actionyou will benefit from successive approximation to your goal. The
more women you approach, the better you get at approaching. The
more women you try to kiss, the better you get at it.
For example, I tell students I want them to pull a girl on the dance
floor within the first 30 minutes of being in the club. Just one. But they
18 Ihc I'/iyuoi/ (itittle
end up wilh live 01 six gills I hey wind up kissing one or two. Avoid
sophistication like the plague .uul lely on the simplicity ol execution.
11 y Physical Ciame with every giil and end up with lots of them back
in your apartment. Perfcct practice makes perfect.
However, and I must reiterate this idea, I am not after perfection,
I am after execution.
Why Clubs Are Intimidating and Why We Shouldn't Fear Them
When I first started visiting them, clubs scared me. As I approached
a venues door and saw the bouncers, I felt an uncomfortable sensation
in my stomach. I couldn't think of a nice thing to think about. I was
more focused on performing well in those days than on having a good
time. Having never been a social type, I had a lot of fear of strangers.
Therefore, for me, just like for you today, going to a crowded place
was very stressful.
In hindsight, my dreadful attitude towards clubs stemmed from the
irrational belief that "strangers are a threat." From early childhood, when
your mom tellsyou not to talk to strangers or "stay out of trouble," she
embeds in your subconscious an irrational fear of being social. Most
people are taught these things as children and it helps them survive
childhood. But those learned behaviours become a problem whenyou
face the club.
With time, practice and good results, I learned to love clubs. They
were where I had fun, met new, exciting people and got girls. As I
grew in the game my new comfort zone was in a club talking to people
every weekend- to the point that everything else in my life became less
important. I couldn't stay home on a weekend. I had to be out.
Why Clubs? Could I Meet Girls Anywhere?
Like a playground where little children learn to walk, a club provides
unparalleled simplicity for practice. We learn to improvise, grow,
become better and get laid. Without a club, we would have a hard
time finding a place where we can have an unlimited number of women
to practice with. In a night venue, women are packed or stacked, ifyou
19 ().'.',tr
will, one upon the other. So we can practice .it will Willi zero delay
between approaches.
Very much like target practice or shooting fish in a barrel, a club
offers unlimited possibilities to get laid because of the abundance of
females. I like to think of a club as a small cell that reflects society as a
whole. Groups go there to associate and have fun together, which gives
ample opportunity to sharpen our skills at approaching people.
It's not only girls. We meet guys too in those groups. And we learn
to deal with them too. You might say: "But why guys? I don't plan to
sleep with guys." Well, I hopeyou do plan on becoming a social guy. In
order to do that, you must be able to interact with males and females
alike. Unless you learn to be social and interact with everybody, this
game is going to become extremely hard foryou.
"But I Hate Clubs"
Many guys object to clubs because they don't know or haven't
yet experienced the benefits of approaching women in clubs. They
complain: "It is too loud, too crowded." Or: "The girls are bitchy." To a
certain extent, I agree. Butyou also must not pass up the opportunities
such venues have to offer. They provide you with an obstacle course
unparalleled by any other type of venue. The more obstacles you jump
the faster you learn, and the tougheryou become.
Personally, not only do I like to take my students to nightclubs,
but I also want to take them to the toughest places with the loudest
music and the bitchiest girls. My rationale: after that experience, any
other venue looks like a walk in the park. If they are able to survive
four hours of non-stop approaching action there, they don't have to
worry anymore about smaller and kinder venues like bars, lounges,
malls, or coffee shops.
I believe in jumping ever-bigger hurdles as a way to improve yourself
faster in the game. It goes back to my experience as a semi-pro baseball
player. The tougher the league we played, the better we got as players.
We realized that as we moved up our level of play improved too,
because we had to adjust our game. Though losing many games in the
beginning we ended up adapting to our new league in the end and won

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